Truett & Osborn Flywheels

Replacement flywheels (stock cubic inch displacement) by year and model. See stroke availability chart below for additional stroke lengths. Big Twin flywheels from 1939-1999 are available in two different styles (TorqueMonster Weight and Lighter weight). The TorqueMonster flywheels are direct replacement weight (heavy) for years 1930-81. The left side flywheel is much wider & heavier than the right side. The Lighter weight flywheels are the same width and weight for both right and left sides (similar to Evolution flywheels and S&S). Late Shoveheads and Evolutions from 1982-1999 the Lighter weight would be the direct replacement weight. TorqueMonster weight is available for these models as an option to increase low-end torque in Evos.


Year/Model Fitment Specifications Model Codes
Years Engine Size/Model Stock Stroke Outside Diameter Notes TorqueMonster Weight Lighter Weight Price Qty.  

Flywheels for 74" & 80" OHV models are available in Lighter weight or TorqueMonster version.

Flywheels for 61" OHV & Big Twin Flathead models are only available in TorqueMonster version.
**See Note**

Flywheels for 45" Flathead, K-Model, Sportster and JD models are only available in stock weight.

NOTE: JD, 45XL, XLR, EVXL, K and KH flywheels are specialty flywheels, priced the same as TorqueMonster flywheels. HD45 flywheels & Sportster flywheels are priced the same as Lighter weight flywheels.

NOTE: 1972-81 Original Harley flywheels used sprocket shaft part #24001-72. This shaft was very large taper, set at 8 degrees, & had a lot of problems with slippage in the flywheel. Truett & Osborn makes their flywheels for these years to use the 1982-later 23909-80 shaft.

NOTE: Flywheels for 1937-48 Big Twin Flathead and 1936-40 61" Knucklehead are made with the 1941-later OHV crankpin, NOT the stepped crankpin as original. Truett & Osborn only makes the stock stroke flywheels (4-9/32 & 3-1/2) in the TorqueMonster version, but since they make them with the later crankpin, the only difference between these and 1939-later OHV flywheels is the outside diameter. They can take a set of 1939-later OHV Lighter weight or TorqueMonster flywheels that are available in other strokes and turn the O.D. to be used in Flathead or 61" Knuckle engines.

NOTE: Flywheels for Evolution Sportster models require the use of special "big taper" S&S brand sprocket shaft and pinion shaft. Other parts such as pinion gears and bearings must also be changed, depending on the year/model.

* = Available at extra charge for reducing outside diameter **See Note** X = Available
Model Code & Stroke 3 1/2" 3 13/16" 3 31/32" 4" 4 1/4" 4 5/16" 4 9/32" 4 7/16" 4 9/16" 4 1/2" 4 5/8" 4 3/4" 5"
HD45 X X X X
45XL (XL C-pin) X X X X
52K X
54KH X
XLR (Race XL) X
J & JD Model X X X X X X
30T (Flathead) X X X
37T (Flathead) * * X * * * *
36T (OHV) X * * * * * *
39 & 39T X X X X X X X
56 & 56T X X X X X X
70T X
82/72 & 82/72T X X X X X X
82 & 82T X X X X X

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