International Ordering & Shipping

All International orders require a minimum purchase of $150.00 USD:

We now have a whole new set of rules for international sales so read all of it.


Send me a clear legible list of part numbers and description of what you would like to order. If you send me a screen shot taken with your phone, we will just delete it. We will then send you an invoice through Paypal with real time shipping. All international orders must go through Paypal, no exceptions! All Paypal orders are subject to a 5.5% fee. We will not lower the shipment value, so please do not ask.



We only ship through the United States post office, Priority mail class and up since the post office will not insure first class mail (shows you how much faith they have in their own system).  All orders must be fully insured.  If you would like to use another courier service like Fed Ex, DHL etc., it will be up to you to arrange it and send a pick up tag. We will not get involved in this process. It’s all on you.

TGOMPC is not responsible for the content, financial loss or delivery time of shipment once the post office accepts it. Returns are not accepted.

Happy Motorcycling,

Bob & Bean Luland